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About the cases selection process

Given the amount of complaints submitted to some IGMs, time constraints and the purpose of the IGMs research project, in some instances we chose to restrict our database to the cases that at least gave rise to an appraisal of the possibility to conduct a compliance review, thus excluding quite interesting cases that were dealt with under a problem-solving procedure.

Tables and tabs

Depending on the procedure of each IGM, we have sometimes split the tables of cases into different tabs for cases that gave rise to a compliance review and those which ended at the preliminary stage of a compliance review (compliance review eligibility, appraisal etc.). In the case of the Inspection Panel, the number of cases led us to create tabs depending on the region of the world concerned.


During the course of the project, and especially to prepare interviews, we have felt the need to write some (more or less) detailed abstracts of the cases. We believe they may be useful to others and decided to share (when they were fit to be seen!) In choosing the elements of reasoning which we decided to select or discard, we based ourselves on the hypotheses and research leads of the IGMs project and, of course, these points might not be those which would have attracted your own attention. Please note that, contrary to the tables of cases, the synopses are not going to be updated and thus date back to September 2015.

Please remember: This license allows you to download this site’s content and share it with others as long as you credit the IGMs project, but you can’t change the content in any way or use it commercially. In other words, you are free to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work – under the conditions described here

Last total update: September 2015.

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AM-CRP (ADB) Eligible CRP cases
Updated 18 April 2017
IRM (AfDB) Eligible compliance review cases    
PCM (EBRD) All cases    
MICI (IDB) Cases eligible to a CR  
Cases non-eligible to a CR
IPN (World Bank Group) Cases eligible to an investigation in Africa  
Cases eligible to an investigation in Asia and the Pacific
Cases eligible to an investigation in Europe
Cases eligible to an investigation in Central and South America
CAO (World Bank Group) Compliance audits/investigations    
Compliance appraisals only
And what about the cases brought before National Contact Points (NCPs) following the OECD Guidelines’ specific instance mechanism?

At the time the IGMs project was drafted, there was hardly any comprehensive database, due to the lack of information some NCPs shared with the OECD Investment Committee. Since then, the situation has hugely improved and one can use at least two databases of NCPs’ cases:

The OECD Guidelines for MNEs’ Database of specific instances
It is searchable by NCP, theme, date, host country, source of case, status, industry sector. Some of the older specific instances still have to be entered into the database.

The OECD Watch cases database
OECD Watch’s online case database contains information on OECD Guidelines cases raised by civil society organisations before National Contact Points. The database contains relevant information about the cases, including the complaint, supporting documents, letters and statements. The Advanced search allows to search by companies, complainants, NCPs, countries, OECD Guidelines chapters, status, keywords, industrial sector, issues. There is also a map of the specific instances raised by civil society and OECD Watch has developed an online Case Check to assist potential complainants in deciding whether the OECD Guidelines can be used to address corporate misconduct.